Travel Miles Are Eligible Too!

Travel Miles Are Eligible Too!

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The mileage to and from your medical treatments can be used toward your FSA, said Kay Bell, Austin-based tax editor with, a personal finance website. You can write off 23 cents per mile for the entire year (2015) for round-trip doctor visits, emergency room trips and even the rides to the pharmacy to pick up your prescriptions, Bell said. “It can all add up quickly,” she said.

How to Submit A Mileage Claim

  • If you have WageWorks, fill out this claims form, or with an Explanation of Benefits (EOB). Claims need to match the mileage reimbursement to a service and its date.
  • Include Date of Service Type of Service (e.g., doctor visit, trip to pharmacy), Actual Mileage and Rate (e.g., 16 miles round trip @ $0.19/mile) and Total Amount Requested (e.g., 16 x 0.19 = $3.04).
  • Also calculate total amount month by month.
  • I tried to submit by WageWorks app at first, that was a nightmare. It’s much easier to fax (try this free online fax service) all required document as PDF instead.
  • Sample mileage report:


The IRS determines the mileage reimbursement rates for healthcare based on the date the service is incurred. As of January 1, 2016, mileage for travel to/from eligible healthcare services is $0.19 per documented mile. Many web-based mapping tools (e.g., Google Maps, Mapquest) can calculate your mileage.