Super Sport Support Memory Foam Orthotics Arch Pads Pain Relief Shoe Insoles

$9.99 (as of June 21, 2017, 6:59 am)

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Product Description


1. Soft Memory form, Gel in the heel and forefoot absorbs the shock of each foot strike

2. Support to the arch

3. Full long arch support

4. Active carbon fiber removes odors

5. Stoma design, not afraid sweat, suitable for sports, keep your feet smell in fresh

6. Improve balance

7. Improve foot strength

8. Unisex

Easily cut your own size

Size L 29 cm (for US men’s size 8-11 or US women’s size 10-13)

Size M 26 cm (for US men’s size 6-8 or US women’s size 7.5-9.5)

Size S 23.5cm (for US women’s size 5-6.5)

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