GoodSense 100% Lamb’s Wool Padding (3/8 oz.)

$6.26 (as of June 21, 2017, 6:59 am)

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Product Description

GoodSense 100% Lamb’s Wool — Comparable to Dr. Scholl’s 100% Lamb’s Wool.100% Lamb’s Wool Padding provides cushioning and pain relief between your toes. 100% Lamb’s Wool Padding protects tender areas between toes and soft corns. It separates toes to relieve pressure while allowing air to reach affected parts.DIRECTIONS:For corns on top of toes, wrap Lamb’s Wool over the corn and around the toe.For Soft corns in web of toes, place small amount of Lamb’s Wool between toes just forward of corns.For soft corns on inner side of toe, wrap Lamb’s Wool around the unaffected toe. This separate toes and prevents pressure on painfull area.WARNING:If you have diabetes or poor blood circulation, please consult your doctor or podiatrist before using this product.Product DescriptionManufacturer: GoodSense Product Name: 100% Lamb’s Wool Padding Style/Product Number: R005600 Product Weight: 3/8 oz.

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