How is the eligibility determined for products listed on this site?

We comb through Walgreen, CVS, and other online FSA stores as well as IRS, and ADP FSA Databases for eligible products to find identical and/or similar products on to present you with more product choices and price options.


Who do I pay and who is shipping the products?

You can add items and checkout through You can modify, remove or add more items to your cart. FSA Finder helps save time on Amazon searches for FSA eligible items; we do not handle money transactions or product delivery. Saving time = saving money!


What about shipping?

Shipping is determined by and individual vendor.


Some items show as “unavailable” on Amazon, what do I do?

Unfortunately, when products are out of stock, their pages remain active on Amazon. You will need to search for that item or similar products and add to cart again. If you’re feeling generous, please send us an email and we will remove that product from FSA Finder.